Loupe with LED Illuminator 40x Garden Detecting Loupe


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A Compact & Powerful Pocket Microscope Perfect For Indoor Gardeners

  • 40x pocket microscope
  • A precision lens with LED illumination
  • Perfect for inspecting plant development and identifying garden pests

The Loupe with LED Illuminator is a great accessory and essential tool for any indoor gardener, helping them to closely inspect their plants.

What is the Loupe with LED Illuminator used for?

The Loupe LED Illuminator is a precise lens which features LED Illumination to allow easy examination of your plants. This handy magnifier is perfect for inspecting plant development and identifying those pesky garden pests. Furthermore, this handheld magnifier doubles up as a keyring, featuring an LED light and 40 x magnification.

Where can you use the Loupe with LED Illuminator?

To use these magnifiers simply hold the lens to your eyes and then move your plant in front of the lens. This is a must-have accessory for all plant growers to visually inspect their plants. The most common use for many growers if for inspecting your plants leaves for bugs and pests. This is because you’ll need to be able to properly identify the pests before you can irradicate them. Likewise, the sooner you identify your pests, the quicker you can remove them from your growing environment. You can also determine plant gender, nutrient deficiencies and ripeness with these handy tools.

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