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NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN THE UK!! Looking for an alternative? Check out Healthy Roots. The original formula and UK made!

Botanicare - Hydroguard is a high-concentrated formula made to strengthen and promote root growth. When you apply Hydroguard to your growing substrate, the bacteria immediately colonises the root zone and improves your plants' nutrient uptake. What's best, it also breaks down dead roots!B

Hydroguard is suitable for all growing mediums and systems including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponic systems, and organic soil; Use Hydroguard during the entire lifecycle of your plants;

  • additive comprises root stimulants and beneficial bacteria such as Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens.


  • Low dilution rate
  • The beneficial bacteria contained by Hydroguard can perform efficiently in unfavourable conditions.
  • Bacteria produce increased levels of enzymes. The formula doesn't leave any residue
  • natural microbial development in the root area, improving nutrient uptake. This leads to stronger and healthier plants.

Most beneficial bacteria don't deliver the expected results because they're killed off before you open the package. But Hydroguard guarantees that all beneficial bacteria are highly efficient for up to 2 years if you keep the package sealed. After opening, make sure you use Hydroguard within 6 months.

  • some microbial supplements take a period of time before they achieve the right results. But the bacteria in Hydroguard works immediately. It colonises the root zone almost instantly.

How to Use:

  • should add Hydroguard to your water reservoir at a dosage of 0.5 ml/L. Use it throughout the entire life cycle of your plants, starting with rooted cuttings until flush.

Best Practices Hydroguard is an easy-to-use additive. Add it into your water reservoir and mix thoroughly. First, add all the nutrients and chase them with Hydroguard and any other supplements. Adjust the pH to the right level. Keep the product in a dark and cool area. Make sure it's protected from extreme temperatures and keep it out of children's reach.

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