Trellis & Pea Netting 2m x 100m


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Opting for Trellis and Pea Netting as opposed to a traditional metal wire is an easier and faster installation, as well as when being used, this netting is the easier and speedier option to gain access to crops, for harvesting and treatment purposes.

Grow Tools Trellis and Pea Netting gives growers better ventilation in crop areas, which ultimately facilitates a higher crop yield!


  • Better ventilation in crop areas
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Easier and speedier access for harvesting and treatments
  • Facilitates higher crop yield
  • UV stabilised, rot proof, hard and durable
  • Normally lasts at least 3 years
  • Much more efficient per sqm compared to metal grid equivalents


2m x 100 m roll

100% virgin pp with UV 8GSM

15 x 15cm hole size

Gross Weight: 1.6kg

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