Padded Fast Clamp


Size: 4"
Sale price$9.00



  • Easy to install.
  • Secure and air tight fitting
  • The ultimate way to connect carbon filters/fans with ducting
  • Relatively inexpensive

There are many ways to secure ducting to an extract fan or your carbon filter. Some people opt for gaffer tape and some people choose quick release clamps. If you are serious about having the best you can get for your grow room then you should not settle for anything less than these fast clamps.

Above all else they ensure that your connections are completely sealed together in an air tight fashion.


Starting with a wide metal collar, a large surface area of the ducting and flange of the fan (or carbon filter) itself is used in creating a strong seal, that will not pull apart when moving things around.

A dense layer of foam on the inside of the clamp ensures that the seal created is completely air tight, leaving no gaps for unfiltered air to find its way through to the outside world. The connection is secured with the use of the Allen bolt, creating an immensely strong connection.

Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts as this can compromise the integrity of the connection.

Connect an extraction fan directly to a carbon filter without the need of ducting by securing them together with the fast clamp itself. Saves money and space!

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