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Size: 250ml
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Vitalize is a revolutionary silicon product to maximise the health of your crop.

Vitalize is a unique, concentrated and stabilised form of silicic acid which is a bio-available form of silicon. Additionally, the method to liberate silicic acid from the silicon element has been patented and is sold exclusively by Mills. When used a foliar fertiliser, no residue remains with Vitalize.


  • improves root structure
  • boosts immunity
  • aids nutrient absorption
  • boosts resilience to insects
  • reduces plants perspiration
  • immobilise heavy toxic metals
  • optimises water management
  • acts as a bio-stimulant

Resulting in enhanced germination, propagation and all-around health.

How to Use

Growers use 0.2 ml/L of Vitalize during the vegetative stage and throughout the first 4 weeks of the flowering stage. For the last part of the blooming phase, use 0.1 ml/ L.


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