Lighthouse ECOHEAT Tube Heater


Size: 45w - 305mm
Sale price$27.00


The Lighthouse ECOHEAT tube heater protects crops against temperature drops. The tube heater helps growers maintain a constant temperature in the grow room. It's particularly useful in propagation areas, which require constant climate conditions. It's made to provide frost protection.

NOTE: It's normal for them to smoke when you first switch them on - the manufacturers put some sort of lubricant on the element.

  • The Lighthouse ECOHEAT tube heater protects your harvest against temperature drops
  • The heater protects your plants against low night temperatures
  • The product is available in 4 sizes such as 305mm (45W), 608mm (80W), 915mm (135W), and 1220mm (204W)
  • The heater helps growers maintain a consistent climate in the grow room.

Why Buy ?

  • It's reliable and IP55 resistant
  • It's sprinkler and splash resistant
  • It includes UK or EU plugs
  • It includes brackets for wall or floor use

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