Gavita 1000w Replacement Lamp & Reflector Kit


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1000w Gavita Lamp and Reflector Kit Product Details:
The double jacketed Gavita Pro Plus 1000 watt EL DE 400V Lamp is a complete with a HR96 Reflector. Specifically designed for high frequency ballasts the Gavita Pro Plus 400v DE Lamps have connection at each end of the lamps and for use with Gavita fixtures only.

Gavita HR96 Reflector
The HR96 Reflector will provide optimal uniformity and penetration into the plant canopy, made from high quality vega® / MIRO® aluminum material - and are perfect for any overlapping lighting layout. Warranty will only apply if lamps are used with a Gavita Pro Series Ballast.

1000w Gavita Lamp and Reflector Kit Features:

  • Optimal uniformity & penetration
  • Quartz jacket Double-endedlamp
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Replacement reflector for Gavita 1000 Watt E Series Pro Line DE (400V)
  • Made from vega / MIRO® aluminum

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