Garden HighPro - Probox Propagator Tent - 120 x 40 x 200cm (XL)


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XL Cuttings tent - 600 to 1200 cuttings

  • It's made of strong 420D Nylon and includes steel frames;
  • The tent's interior is covered by reflectivity mylar (97%);
  • The product's dimensions are: 2 x front door (55cm x 190cm), window air inlet (30cm x 20cm), round extraction socket (13.5cm in diameter), and electrical cable socket (8cm in diameter).
  • The unit includes plastic viewing windows, outlet sockets, double soft air fabric, and an electrical inlet.


  • Front Door - 2 units - 55 x 190 cm
  • Windows Air Inlet - 2 units - 30 x 20 cm
  • Round Extraction Socks - 3 units - Q13.5 cm
  • Electrical Cable Socks - 4 units - Diameter 8 cm
  • Tubes Diameter - Diameter 1.6 cm
  • Strong and resistant fabric Nylon 420D
  • Patented, strong and stable structure
  • Premium mylar reflectivity 97%
  • Certified mylar plants friendly
  • Resistant and lightproof zippers
  • Doubled and soft fabric sockets

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