FloraFlex Quick Disconnect Pipe System Multi Flow T - 3/4"


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Take The Guesswork Out Of Feeding And Take Control Of Your Setup!

The Flora Flex Quick Disconnect Pipe System is an eight outlet manifold that delivers water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure of your choice. The Flora Flex manifold system takes seconds to put together and/or take apart.

One of the great advantages of drip irrigation is being able to feed multiple plants the same amount of solution at the same time. To achieve this you need a distribution manifold to divide one flow from the pump to multiple pots. This is where the fantastic Quick disconnect system with multiflow bubbler comes in to its own. The bubbler head has 8 x 6mm outlets which distribute your nutrients evenly to your plants. Each head comes fitted with a quick disconnect collar and a flow adjustment/shut off lever. The quick disconnect collar can be a godsend when cleaning or maintenance is required – simply close the valve using the lever and pop the head off, you can now clean/maintain your bubbler head without shutting down the rest of your system. The valve also allows you to restrict the flow to each bubbler individually allowing for more precise flow rates.

  • Flora T Pipe Fitting 3/4”
  • Flora Valve
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Open Flow Bubbler
  • 20-60 psi

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