FloraFlex Clip for Flora Caps


Size: Single Clip
Sale price$1.00


Take The Guesswork Out Of Feeding And Take Control

The FloraFlex® FloraClip 2.0 easily converts your FloraCap® from a top feed unit to an automated top feed system.

Now simply clamp the FloraClip over your 1/4 ″ outer diameter hose (instead of passing it through the opening) and clamp it at the desired location on the FloraCap®.

Then sit back and let your FloraCap® do the rest!

Use (2) FloraClips 2.0 with a FloraCap® OR the Flood + Drip Square Shield with Tubing (1/4 ”OD) to automate your power supplies.

Dishwasher safe and reusable.

BPA and lead-free plastic.

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