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Buddhas Tree Coco Nutrient is a high-quality nutrient formulated for growing plants in Coco. It’s a 2-part nutrient that contains all the essential elements for optimal growth and flowering. Our Coco A & B is ideal for growing in all watering systems as it dissolves instantly and is simple and easy to use.

If using Coco A & B with no additives then please follow the usage guidelines illustrated on the bottle as shown below:

2ml A + 2ml B mixed in 1 litre of water for young plants.
4ml A + 4ml B mixed in 1 litre of water for established plants.

To be used with coco substrate
Highest quality base nutrient, designed and developed by the creators of the fantastic PK 9-18
Can be used for both the growth and bloom stages
Easy to use, 2 part so no need for veg and flower
Uses chelated nutrients for better nutrient absorption and uptake
Always add water to A mix before adding B mix and never mix directly together ensuring both bottles are shaken well before use.

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