Bluelab Guardian Monitor


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The simplest and most effective reservoir monitor you could ever own!

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor provides 24-hour continuous readings for pH, conductivity (EC/ppm 700/TDS/CF) and temperature within a nutrient solution.  

In just one glance the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi conveys all 3 critical parameters for successful growth: pH, conductivity and temperature. With built-in Wi-Fi capability, if enabled the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi can display data in Edenic (an online software platform, visit for more information). Allowing growers to keep an eye on nutrient levels from anywhere, any time.

Optimizing these critical parameters through a plants' growing phase helps ensure a successful crop.

Designed for indoor use, the Guardian Monitor can be mounted on a wall or hung on a support bar. Set up your reservoir, place the pH and conductivity probes in the solution, then adjust and glance!

Simply set high and low alarm states - if the solution moves away from the ideal range, the display flashes. A quick look at the monitor will let you know when your nutrient solution needs adjusting.

Probe cable length:  2  meters  /  6.5  feet

0.0 - 14.0 pH,
0 - 5.0 EC, 0 - 50 CF, 0 - 2500 TDS (EC x 500), 0 - 3500 ppm (EC x 700),
0 - 50 °C, 32 - 122 °F
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