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Biogreen X-Bloom is a high-performance flowering stimulator, which delivers huge top formations in your plants during the blooming phase. The product contains top-quality humic acids and organic vitamins, which stimulate flowering and fruiting. The formula strengthens your plants and ensures healthy development. For the best results, growers use X-Bloom with Biogreen's X-Blast.

  • The product is made for the flowering phase;
  • The flowering booster contains top-quality humic acids and organic vitamins;
  • Increases your plants' resistance to stress or illness;
  • The flowering stimulator for use with all growing mediums;
  • Made for use with coco and soil;
  • During photosynthesis, the product increases your plants' energy levels.


  • The flowering booster doesn't increase the EC value;
  • The product doesn't contain heavy metals;
  • The product sustains photosynthesis.

The Science

The product is a blooming stimulator, which sustains powerful flowering and fruiting. The formula increases your plants' resistance to illness or stress.

How to Use

Biogreen X-Bloom is suitable for use with all growing media including coco and soil. During weeks 1 and 2 of the blooming phase, use the formula at a ratio of 1ml per 1L of water. Between weeks 3 and 9, use 2ml of formula per 1L of water. Store the product in a safe and dark area. Keep the product out of children's reach.

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