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Size: AutoPot PRO Flexi Tank - 100L
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The Autopot Flexitank Pro consists of a very strong material that is highly resistant to tearing. Always a good thing when it's full of water! The inside of the tank has capacity markings which allows accurate dosing of nutrients.

The Autopot Flexitank Pro has an anti-tip design which keeps it nice and stable in the grow room.

Every tank comes complete with all of the fittings you need to set up and go.

There are 3 sizes available, 100L, 225L and 400L.

The white reflective skin on the FlexiTank Pro helps to prevent nutrient temperatures from increasing, which is a particular issue in the summer months.

When temps creep above 21 degrees celcius, nutrient solution loses its ability to hold on to dissolved oxygen. With reduced oxygen levels, plants are particularly vulnerable to root diseases, like pythium.

Switching to a FlexiTank Pro is one of the things that you can do to help avoid the problem in the first place.

It comes with a tap on the front and three inlet / outlet points with grommets for your pipework, making it incredibly versatile. You can fit standard 13mm (internal diameter)

  • 100 Litre FlexiTank Pro Assembled: 48.5cm (dia) x 70cm (high)
  • 225 Litre FlexiTank Pro Assembled: 58.5cm (dia) x 85cm (high)
  • 400 Litre FlexiTank Pro Assembled: 73.5cm (dia) x 105cm (high)

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