315w Horizon Remote CDM Lighting Kit


Size: 315w Horizon Remote (942 Daylight)
Sale price£199.00


Remote = NOT FIXED to the reflector! 

This kit includes the Maxibright Horizon - a wide-angle reflector that throws light outwards instead of pushing it straight down, making this a great supplementary set-up for use between two HPS systems.

The Maxibright Horizon reflector produces a wider light spread than other CDM reflectors. Because it's wide-angled and open at the sides, it also dissipates heat more easily, so you can get it closer to the canopy. Light from this reflector hits plants at the sides and not just the top, which helps to replicate an outdoor environment, maximising growth rates.

You can run it as a standalone or supplemental light, the choice is yours. Either way, plants will be exposed to a broad light spectrum with lots of UVA & UVB to boost yield quality. 

Maxibright Horizon Reflector Footprint over a 1.2m x 1.2m Area at a height of 400mm:

  • Broader Light Spectrum (More UVA & UVB)
  • Plants will smell, look & taste better!
  • Plants will end up bigger and bushier with more flowering sites and deeper root systems

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