RAM 12" Eco Fan - 3 Speed


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Oscillates the air...without the fan oscillating! Use it on the floor or hang it up!

RAM 12” Rotating Box Fan Highlight 30cm box fan is very practical thanks to its thinness, the Box Fan fan can be deployed in small spaces. This fan is equipped with a rotating grill to allow a large air diffusion. 

A compact fan ideal for the space-conscious grower for use in grow rooms and grow tents.  

  • Narrow design
  • Louvre fan for even airflow
  • 300mm blades (12") 
  • Louvre control switch
  • Fan speed control
  • 3 settings
  • Timer
  • UK Plug

Aproximate size of unit 39 cm x 13 cm x 45 cm (lwh)

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