1000w DE Lumatek HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp


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Lumatek 1000w 400v Double Ended DE Lamp

Professional 400v lamp for double ended systems only

Lumatek THE PRO 1000W 400V DOUBLE ENDED lampThe Lumatek Professional 1000W 400V DE ( Double Ended ) electronic high frequency HPS lights are the most efficient lamps in the industry.

These lamps produce the highest PAR spectrum ( culture) light and as such are the number one choice for horticulture and walked cultivation professionals Key features : Lamp shape : T32.5Wattage : 1000WVoltage : 400VLamp Power : 5.8ANominale life in hours : 10.000CCT Temperature (K): 2100A ° KLichtstroom (lm) : 145.000PAR 380-780nm value ( micromole / sec): 2100 " mol / s.

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