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Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate is an all-natural treatment to combat spider mites.  A blend of various plant extracts like garlic extract (that spider mites detest) keeps them away while simultaneously helping your plants to recover from the damage that they cause. When diluted and used as a foliar spray, your plants will be greener, healthier and spider mite free.

How Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate Works
If you consume the fruits of your labour, you probably don't want to use toxic pesticides on your plants. Spray & Grow contains no toxic pesticides. Fortunately, spider mites can't stand certain plant products such as garlic extract. Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection contains a proprietary blend of these natural extracts. Spider mites hate it and has them scurrying away! Use Spray & Grow to prevent and rid infestations without the use of nasty chemicals. On top of that, Spray and Grow Spider Mite Protection contains a mild nutrient that helps plants to recover more quickly, keeping them healthy, green and pest free.

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