Spider Farmer SE7000 LED Grow Light (730w) - 2.8umol/J

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This upgraded version is lighter and brighter than before and now boasts a deep IR diode for improved flavours and enhanced resin production in your plants. It has a detachable driver, an improved light spread and its improved efficiency means it runs slightly cooler than before too. So that's great news for small space growers or anyone struggling with high temperatures.

  • Wattage: 730W; Replace HPS 1000W
  • PPE: 2.8umol/J
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301B
  • Coverage: 4X4FT=120X120cm

HIGH EFFICACY: The SE7000 LED grow lights have 2688 SAMSUNG LM301B diodes and use 2045 umol/s to draw 730 watts, providing coverage for 4×4 feet/5×5 feet of high-yielding full-cycle growth with a remarkable PPE of 2.8 umol/J. Suggest 6 inch inline fan.

FULL SPECTRUM: Different wavelengths of light produced by the full spectrum SE7000 LED grow lights (650-665nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K) are perfect for each stage of plant development from seed to harvest. Growers can change the light intensity for various growth stages and save growing costs by using 10–100% dimmable grow lights.

DIMMING DAISY CHAIN: Growers can link up to 30 dimmable SE7000 grow lights together using the dimming daisy chain technology. 

REMOVABLE DRIVER&GOOD DISSIPATION: The back-mounted aluminium heat sink and bar-style grow lamp design improve airflow and effectively dissipate heat. The SE7000 plant growth light has a 6.56-foot power chord and removable driver, which decreases ambient heat in the growing area and increases the life of the grow light. The waterproof coating on the LED diodes means you don’t have to be concerned about wet situations.

It's fully dimmable and can be daisy chained in rows of up to 15 lights. Say goodbye to burned tips and blistering canopy temperatures. This amazing light changes the game and gives the grower a level of control like never before. The Spider Farmer SE range is yet another giant leap forward in grow room technology.  

The Spider Farmer SE7000 is waterproof, well engineered and doesn't put out a tremendous amount of heat. Spider Farmer use high-quality protective cable covers and premium components meaning the light lasts much longer than competitors.

The SE7000 ships in stealthy plain packaging with a high-quality hanging kit included. Ready to use out of the box in just a few minutes. No trailing wires and no messy ballasts. Just pure performance. 

  • Top Quality Samsung Diodes
  • Full Spectrum
  • Super Stealthy
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • IR Diode Upgrades
  • Zero Noise
  • 730w Power Output
  • 50000 Hours Life

A uniform distribution of over 2688 Samsung diodes creates a full spectrum output to bathe your canopy in exactly the light they need. And with its 94% efficient Inventronics Driver - it doesn't waste any power on the spectrums that they don't. With its pinpoint accuracy and innovative engineering - this unit leaves all old HPS-style lights in the dust. 


  • Power:  730W
  • Input Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Weight: 12.1 kg
  • Flower Footprint: 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Veg Footprint: 2.0m x 2.0m
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301B & Osram Red
  • Size: 116cm x 116cm x 8cm
  • Spectrum:660nm, 3200-4200K, 4800k
  • Efficiency: 2.8 umols/J

Product includes:

  • Grow light
  • Power cord
  • Wire hangers
  • Ratchet hangers

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