Single (50L) - Amazon Aeroponic Basic Kit


Size: 8 Pot Small
Sale price£150.00


The Amazon's mesh pots hang down into the misting chamber, where nutrient solution is constantly sprayed around the roots. There's always a perfect balance of nutrient solution and oxygen around the roots, so they achieve optimum nutrient solution uptake, and growth is explosive.

Propagate aeroponically in an X-Stream propagator or propagate in a coir pellet; either way, just transplant straight to the Amazon with a handful of pebbles.

The Amazon is also the most space-efficient grow system at just 38cms tall!

  • Use less media
  • Grow fast-yielding plants in a small space
  • Try aeroponics, the ultimate growing method

Systems with 4 or 8 plants are available with small (50mm) or large (80mm) holes.

  • Single Amazon: 82 x 74 x 38.5 (4 - 32 Plants)
  • Twin Amazon: 165 x 74 x 38 (8 - 32 Plants)

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