Rhino Single Speed Fan


Size: Rhino Single Speed - 100 - 4" 280m3 Fan
Sale price£80.00


Rhino Single Speed Fan; from the world leaders in grow room carbon filter technology.

A robust and maintenance free fan (comes prewired - plug and play!) that produces a minimum amount of noise and allows the grower to ventilate their grow room in an efficient manner. The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic and on particular models steel, to give the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks. The fans are easily installed and removed and come with an easy to fit mounting bracket.

  • Some Rhino Single-Speed Fans are available as either low power (LP) or high power (HP) output versions.
  • True PLUG and PLAY! Rhino Fans come completely wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug, ready to use from the box.

To calculate the size of fan & filter you will require: Simply multiply the length x width x height of your grow room in metres which will give you the cubic capacity of your room ..and then multiply the minimum air exchanges per hour you require - typically this would be 60 which is the maximum air changes required per hour for optimum ventilation in your grow room.

As an example : A grow room measuring 4mtrs x 4mtrs x 2mtrs = 8mtrs cubed would need to move 3840m3/h. However, as a rule we suggest buying two sizes up to accomadate for ducting and any other variables which may impede the push/pull o fyour fan. It is worth noting that it's a good idea to buy a fan you can dim down (you can buy a plug in dimmer if the fan doesn't come with one, typically AC fans will not have one included) so it's not running at max the whole time.

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