Plug In Pro - 104 (Peat Mix)


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They're back!  We know there are some die hard fans that want the original, but that said... we're pretty sure they're the same as the Plug Life. We've been told they literally pump put product A , stop the machine to change the stickers, then pump out product B... :) Who knows. 

Ready to use!! No preparation, just "SNIP & DIP" set em & forget em. 

The easiest & best in propagation plugs; stabilized and made from organic material with quickest rooting times hands down!

  • A predetermined Ph and EC value with buffering
  • Open structure allowing an always correct balance of water and air
  • Water buffering properties
  • Faster and more vigorous rooting
  • Basic fertilizer for the first 2-3 weeks
  • Compatible with coco coir, rock wool, soil or any other medium

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