Opticlimate Pro 3 Split - Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit


Cooling Capacity: 2000kW - 3 x 600w Lights
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Opticlimate Pro 3 Split provides the possibility to maintain an optimum climate in the grow room all year round. It's a complete closed-loop climate system, which treats the air to guarantee that the perfect temperature and humidity levels are achieved and maintained in the grow room.

The unit includes a filtering system, a cooling system, and a heating system. It comes in 4 sizes to match different grow room sizes. The Pro 3 Split has an outdoor unit, which connects to the main system through a pipe. The unit works with coolant gases and not water. The system is delivered pre-gassed and it can be easily installed in the grow room.

General Information

  • The air-cooled unit creates a perfect grow room environment and eliminates microclimates;
  • The climate system uses 1500w ceramic heaters and a closed-loop air cooling system;
  • The unit comes with a humidistat, a temperature probe, and a light sensor;
  • The unit has an auto-shutdown feature, which protects against hazards or leakages;
  • The system has pre-heat and cool down functions to ensure a controlled environment;
  • It can be installed inside or outside of the grow room;
  • It's available in 4 different sizes including Pro 3 Split 3500, Pro 3 Split 6000, Pro 3 Split 10000, and Pro 3 Split 15000 Inverter.


  • The unit is easy to install and to use;
  • The unit has a low power consumption;
  • The climate system creates a perfectly controlled environment in the grow room;
  • The system has a low water consumption;
  • The unit eliminated the requirement for external chillers;
  • The unit can operate on a single-phase mains supply.


1 x Opticlimate Pro 3 Internal Unit, 1 x Opticlimate Pro 3 External Unit, 1 x Controller Unit, 1 x Temperature Probe, 1 x Humidistat / Light Sensor, 1 x 8m Pre-Charged Pipework

If using the unit at the top of the growing area:
1 x Flange
4 x Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet

If using the unit away from the top of the grow area (outside or low down):
1 x Plenum Box
2 x Flanges (one for the air intake and one for the air outlet)
4 x Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet

Which Size Opticlimate do I need?

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 3500
Ideal for 6 x 600w HPS grow lights or 4 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 870mm x 580mm x 405mm.
Outdoor Unit: 540mm x 450mm x 310mm
Indoor Unit: 57kg (110 lb)
Outdoor Unit: 16kg

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 10000
Ideal for 16 x 600w HPS grow lights or 10 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 990mm x 630mm x 505mm.
Outdoor Unit: 640mm x 550mm x 320mm
Indoor Unit: 120kg (264.5 lb)

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 15000 inverter
Ideal for 24 x 600w HPS grow lights or 15 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 1230mm x 810mm x 545mm.
Outdoor Unit: 1080mm x 700mm x 330mm
Indoor Unit: 150kg (330.6 lb)

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