Maxibright T5 Fluorescent Light


Size: 48w - 2ft / 2 Tube
Sale price£70.00


Maxibright T5 is a high-quality propagation unit that comes complete with blue 6500K fluorescent tubes. Each tube delivers a low heat output which means the tubes can be placed very close to the plants to deliver large amounts of light compared to HID lighting. Includes a 12 month warranty.

Maxibright T5 2 ft, 2 tube, 24w

An ideal lighting system for a single propagator or a shelf of houseplants.

  • 2 x 24w tubes, 3’300 Lumens,
  • Dimensions: 59cm x 22.5cm x 5cm

Maxibright T5 2 ft, 4 tube, 24w

An ideal lighting system for 2 to 4 propagators. Excellent for seedlings, cuttings & small/young plants.

  • 4 x 24w tubes, 6’600 Lumens,
  • Dimensions: 59cm x 37cm x 5cm

Maxibright T5 4 ft, 4 tube, 54w

An ideal for mid to large scale propagation and for vegetative growth in up to half a square meter.

  • 4 x 54w tubes, 16’600 Lumens,
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 38cm x 6cm

Maxibright T5 4 ft, 8 tube, 54w

An excellent substitute for a 400w metal halide lamp providing ideal lighting for large scale propagation and vegetative growth in up to one square meter. By adding red lamps they can also be used to good effect in the flowing stage.

  • 8 x 54w tubes, 33’200 Lumens,
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 66cm x 6cm
  • Switch between 4 & 8 lamps with the flick of a switch.

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