IWS AutoDrain 6 Add On Kit

IWSSKU: 3071

Sale price$117.00


The AutoDrain 6 Add On Kit for expanding your system 6 stands at a time. AutoDrain is great for hand feeding too but if you want to save time add a dripper system, water pump, tank and timer. If you have a drain at floor level you can use stands without the AutoDrain control pot.

  • Space Autodrain stands according to your requirements

  • AutoDrain Stand footprint 47cm x 52cm x 10cm

  • Flat top pots sit straight

  • Tapered drainage no run off left behind

AutoDrain 6 Add On Kit Components

  • 6 x AutoDrain Stands

  • 5 x 25mm tee connectors

  • 2 x 25mm elbow connectors

  • 6 metres 25mm flexible tube

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