Insecto Smoke Bomb


Size: MINI - 3.5g | 120m3
Option: Single
Sale price£6.50


Great for fumigating/sterilising rooms between grows!

INSECTO smoke bombs come in a range of 3 different sizes containing the active ingredient permethrin. Light the non-sparking wick; smoke fumes will work their way into all nooks and crannies, killing all flying and crawling insects in the treated area.

For those not a bit wary of lighting a naked flame in their grow room, check out the Insecto Pro Formula Insect Fogger 150ml (covers 187m3)  

  • Kills all flying & crawling Insects
  • Penetrates nooks and crannies, targeting hard-to-reach insects
  • Mini 3.5g / Midi 15g (36% more than most other competitor products) Maxi (professional) 31g (15% more than most other competitor products)

Smoke is non-tainting and leaves no residual colour or odours. This is ideal for treating inaccessible areas such as loft voids, nooks and crannies, inside machinery, and open room spaces. Each smoke bomb contains 13.25% Permethrin.

    Application rates:

    • IC102 Mini - Flying Insects max 120m3, Crawling Insects max 30m3, Cockroaches max 7.5m3
    • IC103 Midi - Flying Insects max 500m3, Crawling Insects max 125m3 Cockroaches max 31.5m3
    • IC104 Maxi - Flying Insects max 1000m3 Crawling Insects max 250m3, Cockroaches max 62.5m3

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