Hydor Theo Shatter-proof Tank heater


Size: 50 watt
Sale price£27.00


Hydor Theo heaters for Hydroponic nutrient heating really cannot be beaten for durability and reliability.. which is why we do not stock any other in-tank heater!

Made from Shatter-proof glass and thermostatically controlled (easy-read switch at top of heater), these heaters will resist most usual knocks and scrapes in the tank and can even cope with having cold water poured directly over them whilst switched on.

Keeping your nutrient solution at the optimum temperature will ensure optimum growth and yeild.

Theo 50watt: 20ltr min-50ltr max

Theo 100watt: 50ltr min-100ltr max

Theo 150watt: 90ltr min-150ltr max

Theo 200watt: 100ltr min-200ltr max

Theo 300watt: 200ltr min-300ltr max

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