Hot Box Co2 Growth Gas Generator Burner


Size: 0.75kW CO2 Generator
Sale price£279.00


Boost CO2 levels in your grow room by introducing one of these excellent gas burners and – as long as all other environmental factors have been optimized – you can expect to see plants perform much better than ever before!

These high quality CO2 Growth Gas Generators run on liquid propane gas (LPG) and provide a cost effective and very simple way to enrich the atmosphere inside the grow room with carbon dioxide. The CO2 Generator simply connects to a canister of LPG and plugs into a mains socket. CO2 is created as the LPG slowly burns inside the generator. They are ready to Plug and Play with the Shiva CO2000 for a fully automated, professional CO2 controller, sensor and release system.

Carbon dioxide is a key fuel for photosynthesis – the amazing process that also combines water and light to give your plants the energy they need to develop. If you add a Growth Gas Generator and strive to provide the right amount of CO2 (much more than resides inside a typical non-treated grow room), this all-important element can produce phenomenal results!

Plants will grow up to 40% faster than the average rate, leading to larger stems, leaves, flowers, etc. and significantly bigger yields. Other tremendous benefits include greater resistance to environmental stresses (e.g. extreme temperatures and pests/diseases), enhanced performance at low light settings and improved root/top ratios.    

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