GN Telos 10 Pro Slimeline MESH LED Grow Light - 300w


Sale price£495.00


More powerful (300w!) dimmable, linkable and controllable all from your phone!!!

Telos Mesh is a control system for Telos systems and enables precise setting of the PPF level, smart grow scheduling and connection and control of an unlimited amount of Telos units!! 

With this tech, you will be able to wirelessly connect your phone to multiple Telos lights over a secure invisible Bluetooth network (they all need to be MESH enabled) This means:

  • No need for a contactor!! This alone saves you £££ and a headache of crisis crossing all over the place!!
  • Finally you can dim the lights on your Telos at the touch of the button within the Telos phone app (IOS or Android) or manually on the fixture itself
  • Dimming is by setting the exact required PPFD - as opposed to fixed percentages - for the plants current stage in it's life cycle
  • Set sunrise or sunset to mimic light as mother nature intended
  • This technology now comes as standard on all new units and will also be available as an upgrade for any existing Telos LED!


  • Light Output PPF ( μmoles) – 703
  • Calculated Efficacy ( μmoles/joules) – 2.5
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) – 86.9
  • Luminaire Colour Temperature (Kelvin) - 3160
  • Power Input – 287w
  • Power Input Range – 28.5 – 330W (Dimmable Driver)
  • Voltage Input Range – 90 – 305 VAC (Auto-sensing)
  • Frequency Input Range – 47 – 63 Hz
  • Input Current – 1.25A / 230VAC
  • Max Number of Telos Systems Linked (Power) - 6
  • System Weight (Lamp and Driver) – 6.5KG
  • Dimensions (L X W X H) – 519mm, 236mm, 117mm
  • Ingress Protection – IP66
  • Cooling Method – Passive/Natural
  • Nominal Operating Temperature – 0 – 40 °C

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