GN Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light [Slimline] - 285w

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The hugely popular Telos 10, just got that much better! Here's what we're saying:

  • 2.5 μmol / j
  • 6.5Kg
  • Independantly tested
  • Built to Last
  • UK Made
  • Improved spectrum for greater visibility in the growing chamber
  • Leading Osram LED technology
  • Significantly cooler - at least 10oC
  • Effective for 85,000 hours (up to 10 years)
  • Even light intensity and coverage
  • Future-proof product with upgradable/replaceable LED modules
  • Quiet, passive cooling (no fan)
  • High quality, reliable and robust components
  • UK designed and constructed (!!)

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