Eco-Technics Powerstar Contactors


Size: 2 Way Power Star Contactor
Sale price£26.00


HID lamps normally require quite large amounts of current to flow when they are first turned on; they can be up to twice the normal running power and increase as the lamp gets older!

Most growers tend to use a 24-hour timer to set the day length in their grow rooms. However, most 24 hour timers are do not allow high current switching. Likewise, they normally fail very quickly when used with HID lighting loads. This is where contactors come in to play, and ecotecnics is one of the longest-running brands in the business!

How to use the Ecotechnics Powerstar.

  1. Plug a normal plug timer into the mains once it is set and then plug the timer lead from the contactor into the plug timer.
  2. Plug the mains lead from the contactor into the second mains socket.
  3. Turn the power on to the plug timer and then turn the power on to the mains lead to the contactor.
  4. Your light will now be controlled by your timer safely.


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