Easy Roll Light Hanger (Pair)


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These EasyRoll Hangers are sometimes known as 'Ez Rolls' or 'Lighting Yo-Yo's.' When it comes to using reflectors for your indoor growing, these are an absolutely essential item because they allow growers to raise and lower reflectors to enable optimum growing. The clutch mechanism of the hangers also ensures they stay firmly in place too.

Easyroll light yoyo's come in a pair, allowing you to attach your light on both sides to ensure a solid connection to the ceiling of your tent or room. They enable you to easily lower or raise the height of the light so the tops of the plants are in the optimum zone to achieve the best results.

These rollers can be mounted on to a variety of lights and reflectors, including traditional HPS and MH as well as newer technologies such as LED and CMH.

Easyroll light yoyos are made from a robust plastic, and can be reused indefinitely.

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