DIY RTW / Drain Brain Kit

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DIY kit to make your own run-to-waste "brain"!!!

There are a few ready-to-go plug-and-play "brains" on the market, like the IWS Brain RTW, and the Medusa Brains. However, for those struggling for space and want to make their own, this kit are all the components you need to turn your own plastic container of any size, into a drain to waste "brain".  Brilliant!

What you get:

  • Jet Stream 600GPH pump (2270 L/hr)
  • 12v power supply adapter (to power the pump)
  • 3 metres x 19mm pipe (this will redirect the waste to wherever you want it to go)
  • 3 x 19mm elbows

Plus option of

Install Instructions

  1. Find your container
  2. Drill up to 6 holes along the bottom of 25mm diameter
  3. Attach the glands or the 25mm straight
  4. Connect the 12v adapter to your pump
  5. Attach the 25mm pipe to the pump and use elbows included to turn any corners (eg up and over the lip of your container
  6. Place the pump into the container
  7. Connect the run-off pipes from your grow system to your DIY brain
  8. You're good to go!

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