Adjusta Watt LED-E Grow Light - 820w

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Same styling as the Gavita CT 2000e and also a direct replacement for a 1000w HPS, but with an added dimmer on it, bumping up the input power, and shaving a bit off the price too! It is however slightly bigger coming in at 77.7cm x 37.5cm x 17cm (versus the Gavita CT 2000e which is 74.9 x 30 x 10 cm).

A direct replacement for a double-ended 1000w HPS (same footprint at the same mounting heights), the transition to LED couldn't be easier! No change to the room layout; simply switch and reap the benefits of the vastly more efficient and superior light source. 

The LED-E™ focuses light more intensely over its footprint than traditional HPS, improving coverage and yields for plants around the edges and producing significantly higher PAR over a broader spectrum than its HPS counterpart, whilst saving approximately 20% of the energy consumption.

The LED-E™ produces less heat than your HPS which reduces ventilation and HVAC requirements, further lowering operational costs.

With manual dimming dial, and connection for Adjusta-Watt® Central Controller, or master controller. Nothing extra is required to dim it.

Input Power 820W
Dimming Modes (without controller) 330W / 500W / 650W / 820W
Efficacy 2.5
PPF 2000 μmol/s
Input Voltage Autosensing 100-277V / 277-408V
Thermal Management Passive Cooling (Fan-less)
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Power Factor > 90%
Colour Rendering Index 90 ra
Ambient Temperature -40 to +40°C
Storage Environment -40 to +85°C RH 10% to 95%
Fixture Dimensions 77.7cm x 37.5cm x 17cm
Fixture Weight 15kg
Driver Manufacturer Inventronics

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