5" Garden High Pro Twin Speed Fan + Rhino Hobby Extraction Kit


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Does what it needs to without breaking the bank! The Garden High Pro fan has two-speed settings and, combined with the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, they get the job done with no fuss and easy on the pocket.

What you get:

  • Garden High Pro Twin Speed Fan - 5" / 220 m3/h - 280 m3/h
  • Rhino Hobby Filter - 5" / 300mm
  • Accessories - 5" 5m Combi Ducting, 3 x Jubilee Clips

Garden High Pro Twin Speed Mixed Flow Fans

Garden High Pro Profan TT extractor or intake Fans. A BRILLIANT small, compact, powerful and lightweight fan, at a BRILLIANT price!!

The Garden High ProFan TT Extractor Fan is simple to use. The fan is already wired and ready to go from the box (2M cable) and features an external switch for changing the fan speed between the min and max power.

In terms of power, the fan has a two-speed motor enabling you to choose which speed suits your grow room best. The ProFan motor is designed for greater efficiency and noise reduction, which is why it is made of 100% copper. The fan is available in three sizes, 4, 5 and 6-inch models.

It keeps the air moving around in your tent.

  • 100% Copper motor.
  • Two-speed settings are available.
  • Three sizes are available.
  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Simple to set up and use

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter has a 9-12 month lifespan; after 6 months, turn the filter around to extend the filter life for another 6 months.

Large pores - bigger pores than carbon in other filters. These large pores allow the air to pass through the carbon more quickly than small pores, so the odour molecules in the air are trapped more quickly and efficiently.

Granulated, not pelletised - Air moves through carbon granules but between carbon pellets. By forcing the air to move through the granules, the odour molecules are forced to interact with the carbon to be absorbed.

Effective at low contact time - Odours are trapped in just 100ms of contact with the carbon in Rhino filters. That is literally in the blink of an eye.

Maximum Airflow - The vortex cone inside the filter and the mesh structure of the shell ensure air flows through the filter efficiently so the carbon can capture the odour molecules.

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