The PLANT!T YoYo is a high-performance plant training system. It offers lateral or sculptural plant support. Growers use the product for orchids, carnations, roses, and tomatoes.


When growing plants under light, it's used to train them. The product automatically tightens as your crops grow. You can lock the device into position to support heavy plant stems. The YoYo's inside spring is made of strong stainless steel, which extends the unit's lifespan.


The unit's cover is UV stabilised.



  • It's a high-performance unit;
  • It's strong and durable;
  • It's made at the highest PLANT!T standards.


The Science


The unit is made for use with orchids, roses, carnations, and tomatoes. Growers also use the device to train crops growing under light. The device automatically tightens as the crops grow and it offers plant support.


How to Use


You can suspend the YoYo and remove it with one hand. The device includes a 1.7m extension wire. You can join multiple devices for extra length. When you're growing in a greenhouse, you can suspend the unit from a wire at the top of the grow room. Use the unit for plant training and plant support.

PLANT!T YoYo - Box of 8

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