The industry standard: RVK.  These range of fans made in Germany and are quiet and powerful, and built to LAST!


The Systemair RVK range of In-line Duct Fans are ideal for removing old air or supplying fresh air to your grow-space. Systemair fans are of excellent quality and are amazingly reliable. Please note: cables are supplied separately.


  • Systemair – Top In-line duct fan manufacturer
  • Removes stale air from your grow-space
  • Can be used to supply fresh air to your grow-space
  • Powerful – large air-flow for their size
  • Maintenance-free and highly reliable


The Systemair RVK will require the fitting of an electrical cable (not supplied). See the links below for appropriate cables in 2m and 5m sizes:

System Air RVK Fan

SKU: 01_0086

If you are not sure what size extractor fan to use, it's easy to work out.


Simply calculate the volume of the growing environment to the nearest cubic metre. This is done by multiplying:

Length x Width x Height = Volume of your room in cubic metres (m3) and then multiply the answer by 60 , then by 1.33.

Ideally, air needs to be replaced every minutes (or twenty times an hour). Therefore, just multiply the volume of your growroom by 60.  

For example, a room of 3 metres x 4 metres x 2.5 metres high = 30m3 and 30m3 x 60 changes per hour = 600m3 per hour. then x 1.33 to compensate for any ducting/filter/impact to extraction efficiency.

Once this has been calculated, you can select the correct fan


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