Smscom Twin Fan speed Controller "PRO" mk2 4.5 Amp 7 Amp 14 amp The Twin Controller PRO works in exactly the same way as the original Twin Controller but has an additional programme added to its software to remove excess humidity from the growroom during the lights off cycle.

The Twin Controller PRO 4.5A automates two monotonous jobs that indoor growers face, further preventing the need to buy heaters and dehumidifiers and thus saving you money, allowing you to focus more on the finer details and enjoy the fruits of your labour that little bit more.

  • Optimise grow room temperature
  • Control grow room humidity
  • Optimise negative air pressure
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment
  • No need to adjust fan speeds yourself, the controller does it for you
  • Accurate to +/- 1 degree
  • 5m probe
  • Plug and Play
  • Max load (both fans): 4.5 Amps or 3750m3/hrs

SMS Twin *PRO* Fan Controller

SKU: 01_0816

The original Programme will do a 5 minute scan of your grow room and calculate the gradual increases and decreases of your fans, in the course of the scan it will automatically find the capacity at which level to run your fans to maintain a controlled temperature - this means less work getting temps just right, as the unit will do it for you!

The second programme activates when the grow rooms lights have been switched off to simulate the dark period - when the lights are shut off, the Twin Controller PRO 4.5A kicks into action, it calculates the humidity within your room and any excess is abolished due to the Twin Controller PRO 4.5A gently increasing the fan speeds for just the right amount of time to remove the excess humidity from the grow room.


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