INT240 Intense Secret Jardin grow tent is from the Secret Jardin Intense range of grow tents and is the professionals choice of tent for gardeners all over.

Featuring a handy extension kit allowing you to increase the height of your Tent to a massive 245cm in return allowing you to grow taller plants or maybe you have run out of height and need to extend to stop you from burning your plants, the Intense range is very robust has waterproof floor and more doors, zippers and vents than you could ever need. As impressive in quality as they are in size, Secret Jardin’s Intense grow tents are true portable grow rooms.

These incredible creations eliminate the hassle of finding a growing space that possesses both an ideal environment and plenty of room for a lot of plants. They’re not just big, though: they’re made with the same precision and care that Secret Jardin puts into all of its portable grow rooms.

That means they all feature a lightproof, washable, 95% reflective Mylar interior lining that’s strong, roll-up access doors secured with high-quality zippers, and plenty of access ports for ventilation, exhaust, electrical plugs and more. Their sturdy aluminium framework is held together by dual-locking stainless steel joints, and it can support up to 150 pounds of equipment at the centre of the tent.

Growers that need even more space than the largest Tent you can take advantage of their ability to easily and smoothly link to one another, even between different sizes. The possibilities for customisation are truly endless!

SJ Tent INT240 - 2.4 x 3 x 2.15m (15.48m3)

SKU: 04_2441