Note: must be used with EC fan controller – for the V2 update you can upgrade the included HyperFan Controller to a more advanced product like the G.A.S EC, G.A.S EC1 or G.A.S EC5 fan controller.


EC fans are energised 12 times per revolution, compared to 2 -4 times with AC motors and the blades are based on jet engines.   


EC fans are quieter  (less rattling and vibrating of your airflow), and to really stomp on the noise, these silenced EC fans have a lightweight acoustic foam layer and silencing canister


In summary, a more a powerful fan, that lasts longer, reduces noise and is up to 50% cheaper to run than of AC fans!  To add extra value, the fan has heavy duty, self-lubricating ball bearings that last longer and prolong your fan life.


Invest in one now and you won't look back.

V2 Phresh Silenced EC Hyper Fan

SKU: 01_1217

Hyper Fan EC Fans deliver higher static pressure and higher air flows than any competitors on the market providing mixed air flow. Hyper Fan EC Fans the a solution for your garden giving you the best performance whilst consuming minimum power. Designed with high quality durable laminar flow blades and stators - theses fans are made to last using state of the art Digital DC Motors. Each fan is complete with the Hyper Fan EC Speed Controller Unit will allow you further precise control enabling you to maintain the perfect temperatures in your grow room.

  • No vibration even on lower speeds.
  • Independent fan speed controller unit
  • Superior Multi Phase EC Motor
  • Using Soft start' circuitry to ensure longer performance
  • Constructed from Lightweight aluminium casing
  • Multi Phase EC Motor with self lubricating bearings
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty


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