Choose from either the large propagator only, or the complete kit. 

The ROOT!T large propagator has been designed to be large enough to fit a whole SBS tray (Cultilene/Grodan/Jiffy) without the need to trim away any plugs. Tray dimensions: 57cm x 35.5cm x 5.5cm Lid dimensions: 57cm x 37cm x 15cm

The complete kit will make growing from seeds and cuttings easy which includes the rooting sponges and provides the ideal environment for higher seed germination rates and faster cutting rooting. Sponges are made from a mixture of peat and bark bonded together with plant-derived biodegradable polymers that allow the plug to biodegrade.

The vented top will let you control the humidity. This propagation kit can also be used for other propagation plugs, or it can be used with loose compost or coir.

This propagation kit consists of:

  • Propagator base
  • Lid
  • Tray with inserts for 60 rooting Sponges
  • Pack of 60 Natural Rooting Sponges
  • 15ml sachet of Rooting Gel
  • 15ml sachet of First Feed
  • A7 Growing from seeds/cuttings brochure with a feeding schedule

ROOT!T Large Value Propagator Kit

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