The Revolution Stratos AC version offers greater air flow and performance under pressure than any other AC fan on the market, without all the noise. 


The Revolution Stratos fan is perfect when absolute silence is required and by attaching acoustic Ducting to your Revolution Stratos your maintaining virtually zero noise.


  • The product of years of engineering work and research & development
  • Features a new optimised impeller design that streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Elegantly designed, corrosion proof, compact and lightweight
  • Built to a standard that will ensure smooth operation for years to come
  • Loses very little pressure when used in conjunction with a carbon filter, unlike many of its competitors
  • Incredibly whisper quiet, virtually silent with Phonic Trap Ducting attached
  • Built using expensive, high grade components

Revolution Stratos AC Silenced Fan

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PriceFrom £280.00