Ensure a secure connection to phonic trap or acoustic ducting with this ducting connection kit – it’s got everything you need to safely secure acoustic ducting to your other extraction equipment.


With acoustic and phonic trap ducting, Both the inner and outer layers are pressurised during use. It’s necessary to get a seal with both the inner and outer layers to the flange – that’s where the quick connection kit comes in, it prevents air escaping through the outer layer.Save loads of time with the ducting connection kit.


The quick connection kit is available in the following sizes, make sure to purchase the correct size to match your ductwork, fans and filters:


  • 100mm (4 inch) Metu Clamp/ 100mm Female Coupler / 100mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape
  • 125mm (5 inch) Metu Clamp / 125mm Female Coupler / 125mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape
  • 150mm (6 inch) Metu Clamp / 150mm Female Coupler / 150mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape
  • 200mm (8 inch) Metu Clamp / 200mm Female Coupler / 200mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape
  • 250mm (10 inch) Metu Clamp / 250mm Female Coupler / 250mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape
  • 315mm (12 inch) Metu Clamp / 315mm Female Coupler / 315mm Jubilee Clip / Phonic Trap Tape




You need to seal both the inner and outer layers to the flange to prevent leaks – follow the steps below to ensure a strong seal. You’ll need


1x connection kit for each side of ducting you want to attach.1. Using the included tape, attach the inner ducting to the flange.

2. Pull up the acoustic foam so that it covers the breathable material.

3. pull up the outer black layer so it’s in line with the other two and fasten with a jubilee clip.

4. Optional: Tape the jubilee clip to the ducting and flange to ensure no movement during operation.

Quick Connection Kit

  • Professionally seals your acoustic ducting
  • Ensure no leaks in your ventilation
  • Easy to use
  • Available in all common ducting sizes


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