Get precise CO2 control with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller. You can adjust the output from 400ppm - 2000ppm.


CO2 is known to increase photosynthesis – how plants produce sugars. An increase in sugar production improves growth and strengthens plants all-round. 


Some growers harness CO2 as a way of shortening their growth cycle. Even small increases in CO2 are beneficial. An optimum level of 1200ppm can increase your yield by up to 20-30%!


To prevent CO2 waste, dosing is restricted to lights-on, when plants use CO2. You can use it with bottled CO2 or propane gasControls CO2 output (from 400ppm - 2000ppm)Use it with bottled CO2 or propane gasDay & night mode1 year manufacturer's warranty


The Pro-Leaf PPM-B1 is a digital CO2 Controller with adjustable CO2 set-point accurate remote CO2 sensor and equipped with a photocell that detects day/night conditions.


The unit has CO2 PPM increase fuzzy logic and CO2 PPM decrease functions.

PPM-B1 Specifications:

  • Power input & Power output: 240VAC/10AMP/50Hz
  • Sensor cord length: 4.5m
  • Co2 Range: 400-2000 PPM
  • Co2 Accuracy: +100 PPM


Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller