Plant Magic Hydro Silicon has been specifically formulated for use with coco and hydroponics growing systems. The unique formula helps protect plants from pests and diseases, enhances nutrient uptake, and boosts the weight and density of your fruits to increase your overall yield.

How it works

Silicon is not an essential element for plants but it does have many beneficial effects. Silicon is well-known to strengthen plant cell walls which will add protection from pests and disease and increase overall health and productivity of your plants. Silicon is also known to be effective at limiting water loss through the leaves, reducing the chance of wilting.

This Plant Magic Hydro Silicon formula contains a carefully blended formula of soluble silicon accompanied by specific amounts of nitrogen (0.12%), phosphorus (0.03%), and potassium (5.06%).

This mix of elements will ensure that the silicon can be easily absorbed by the plants and transported to the cells where it will take effect.

Plant Magic Hydro Silicon

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