Photon LED is the UK?s first Full Spectrum, one-of-a-kind modular lighting system. The distinctive modularity coupled with plug and play ?daisy chain? wiring allows for unlimited configurations to suit any size grow space, capable of wiring as many as 30 modules from 1 plug! 

This design is the culmination of both science and necessity; Pure Photon Power with the ability to grow anywhere allows Photon LED to be used by hobbyists and professionals alike. With light being the driving force behind photosynthesis; you?ll see a dramatic increase in your plants' growth with Photon LED - drastically improving yields.


  • Whopping PPFD of 1467 ?mols/J (7-way configuration)
  • Only 65w per module!
  • Full Spectrum
  • Integrated driver
  • Passive heatsinks - no moving parts, runs both incredibly cool & quiet
  • Unlimited configurations
  • 50,000+ hours lifetime
  • 3 year no-hassle guarantee
  • Additional brackets are available for hanging large configurations

1m2 is the recommended footprint for 5 conjoined Photon LED Modules. Recommended hanging distance between 60-100cm.


Due to the high light intensity that Photon produces we recommend utilising supplementary CO2. Increasing co2 PPM alongside high light intensity will maximise a plants ability to Photosynthesise efficiently - this will significantly increase yields.


Each module contains 144 individual LEDs delivering a staggering PPF of 125 umol/s and a max PPFD of 247?mols/m2/s. All of this while only drawing 65w per module; achieving an incredibly high efficacy of 2.02?mols/J. A 7-way configuration (7 individual modules ran concurrently) achieves a max PPFD of 1467 ?mols/J at 0.75m, very comfortably replacing and outperforming an industry-leading 600w HPS.

Photon LED?s FullPhotoSpec?is the result of years of extensive research into what type of spectrum achieves the highest rate of photosynthesis, in other words meaning what spectrum produces the quickest growing, biggest yielding plants. Photon FullhotoSpec? covers the whole range of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) - maximising yields.

Photon?s spectrum also closely mimics the McCree curve, a wavelength spectrum determined to be the most efficient for photosynthesis way back in 1972 - it is only now with modern technology and LEDs that a light can even come close to McCree?s proposed spectrum - and we believe that Photon is one of the closest spectrums on the market.


The Design of Photon LED is just as impressive as the tech specs. Made from Die cast aluminium coated with a black finish prevents wear and tear from general use and prolongs the life of each unit, the shape is also functional as it allows you to connect as many modules as you wish whilst also integrating the heatsinks which cool the unit.

The heatsinks allow for effective cooling without the need for moving parts; this means your unit will run cooler for longer without the risk of a failing cooling fan, solid state passive cooling. The modules also incorporate Air Breather technology which compensates for gas expansion under heat within each module, preventing internal pressure accumulation which could diminish the life of a unit. Each module contains its integrated driver with a huge 94% energy conversion efficiency, this means straight out of the box all you have to do is plug in your module and you?re instantly ready to go. The daisy chain ability from module to module means you can also power up to 30 modules from a single plug, freeing up sockets in your grow space.

To finish, the LEDs are housed in an ip65 waterproof casing. The whole unit is ip65 rated meaning you?re protected against low powered, multi-directional water jets ( we wouldn?t recommend spraying any light, this just allows some leeway for rogue pump sprayers or the accidental splashing).

Photon LED 65W 2m Extension Cable - 2m

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