The Oxypot V9 Vegging Systems will root and grow your plants in a fast and efficient way slicing plant vegetative time. Once you place your plants into the net baskets they have unrestricted access to both fresh oxygen and nutrients. 

The roots grow through the mesh pots into the misting chamber full of nutrient solution. The air pump constantly oxygenates the solution and the roots have constant access to water, nutrients and oxygen for exceptionally fast growth.

It's impossible to saturate plants in an Oxpot because the roots only take up what they need when they need it. Just keep the misting chamber topped-up and it's impossible to underwater because the solution is always available to the plants.

Oxypot v9 - (70L - 6 Plant - 82 x 53cm)

SKU: 03_2658

The new fast and efficient Oxypot Vegging Systems will get your plants and roots systems ready for the bigger Oxypot system. Once you place your plants into the net basket they have unrestricted access to both oxygen and nutrient ? which increases their ability to root and grow quickly. Your plants early development will be problem free as many root diseases can not survive in such oxygen rich conditions.

Very simple to use and setup using Oxypot Vegging Systems use the Deep Water Culture to provide plant roots with explosive growth. Featuring a 110L reservoir your plants vegetative time will be sliced. Oxypot V9 Vegging Systems come complete with the below:

  • Lid (flip for level option)
  • 110L Tank
  • 9 x 140mm net baskets
  • 2 Outlet Air Pump
  • 2 x airlines
  • 4 x 50mm ball air stones
  • 4 x 1.5 air line
  • Oxypot V9 Vegging System Kit Benefits:
  • Easy to set up and transplant
  • Grow crops per year
  • Easy to manage
  • Reversible lid allowing you to raise and lower plants
  • Speed up vegetative growth stage
  • Complete with blanking plates - for unused sites
  • Nutrient level indicator

Once a week you want to completely empty and refill your oxypot with fresh nutrient solution. Throughout the week as the level of nutrients falls top up your oxypot with 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrient solution to maintain the level and adjust your pH as necessary.

Avoid letting the level of your oxypot fall too low as the less water in the bucket the more toxic the nutrients become. If the tips of your leaves are going white or yellow this is tip burn caused by over feeding so lower your nutrient strength or dilute it with more water.


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