Sourced direct from across the Atlantic - Nute Tools! The Nute Meter! 


Know your PH. Know your PPMs (EC). Know your temps (Celcius or Farenheit). One Tool.

The Nute Meter is a 3 in 1 combo pen that measures pH, TDS (ppms) and temperature with great accuracy.   Say bye bye to the mulittude of broken pens - The Nute Meter is built to last!


Designed so it can be stored without storage solution! No more worrying about keeping your diode wet!   Dead battery? No problem. Simply swap out the batteries and carry on.


The folks at NuteTools have spent years developing this product, and we are proud to be able to share this with you guys this side of the Atlantic ! 


Note: it only gives nutrient strength in PPM units. To conver to EC, multipy by 2 and divide by a 1000.  So for example, 800PPM = 1.6 EC

Nute Tools - The Nute Meter