Our HYDRO BROS PREMIUM STARTER KIT is absolutely perfect beginner starter kit!!  Comes with a tent that is uber discrete, that will blend into any room in your house!  


Specifically put together so it won't take over your room, won't break the bank, but enough for a good first time yield in a good quaity tent (no ebay, amazon cheapo!).


All you need on top is the soil and choice of nutrient range!  


Light Upgrade Options:

  • 600w Digital Ballast + Reflector + bulb
  • Spider Farmer SF1000
  • Spider Farmer SF2000
  • GN Telos 10 PRO


We recommend going with a soil to start with as these are much more forgiving, and even better still, no need to EC if you were to choose an organic nutrient! Go check out our excellent organic range of nutrients. 


Any questions, just give us a call or pop in and we'll be happy to walk you through. 


What you get:

  • HOMEbox Ambient - Q120 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Tent (2.88m3)
  • Light Option (see above)
  • RVK 5" Extractor Fan + plug
  • 5m Combi Ducting 
  • Rhino PRO Filter 5"
  • 5" Padded Clamp
  • Clips x 3
  • Socket Timer
  • Hygrometer
  • Pair of Ratchets
  • 12L Fabric Pot x 4

HYDRO BROS Premium Beginner Grow Kit (+ LED Options!)

SKU: 11_2614

600w Digital HPS Light Kit  - variable to 250w, 400w, 600w and 660w Boost mode. 

Spider Farmer SF1000 - High-efficiency, producing less heat and way more efficient than typical HPS . 100w pull, 2.7umol/j efficiency 

Spider Farmer SF2000 - Better coverage than its smaller sibling SF1000. Same high-efficiency, producing less heat and way more efficient than typical HPS . 200w pull, 2.7umul/j efficiency 

Telos 10 Pro - British made, flagship Telos model. Pull 285w and 2.5umol/j. Utilises cutting edge Osram LED technology and significantly cooler than HPS lights making it ideal for the summer. 


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