The Enviro Controller will automatically control fan speed for both AC and EC fans. As it comes with an inbuilt fan balancer, the Enviro Controller can control both your intake and outtake fans for your grow room. It is built to work perfectly with the Systemair Revolution EC and AC fan range. The G.A.S Enviro AC/EC Controller Practically takes care of all aspects of your grow room, controls day time and Night Temperature, Day Time and night Timer Humidity, Heaters, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Lighting ( 1200W in total ) timers for irrigation set up. Highly accurate Sensor Measures Temperature and humidity also is a light sensor so it knows when the plants are in lights off period, because of this sensor you can have different humidity and temperature settings for light on and off crucial for indoor growing.

Has 2 External Plugs which can be used programmed to controll Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Heaters, Lighting ( 1200w in total over 2 plugs) pump feeds in seconds and minutes

  • Can run both AC and EC fans (AC fans up to a maximum of 2200 watts)
  • Perfect for use with the Systemair Revolution Vector fan range or Hyper fans
  • Operates individual night and day settings for your grow room
  • Controls and regulates temperature and humidity levels quickly and accurately
  • Large LCD display shows all your current grow room information
  • Simple to navigate menu options are easy to setup and refine
  • Plug in extra heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or timers using the exit sockets, all controllable from the Enviro Controller
  • Can control up to 2 x 600w grow lights for complete lighting and ventilation control
  • Comes with long temperature, humidity and light sensor


1 x Enviro Controller from Global Air Supplies

Dimensions: 20cm x 9cm

Max Amp: 13 Amp total

Power Lead Length: 1.2 metres

Probe Length: 3.8 metres

ENVIRO Controller - Global Air Supplies

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